> White Chocolate 10# & 25#
> Sweet Ground Chocolate 30#
> Sugar Free White Chocolate 10# (Made w/ Splenda)
> Sugar Free Chocolate 10# (Made w/ Splenda)

Frappe Mixes

> Vanilla Frappe 10#
> Chocolate Frappe 10#

Smoothie Mixes

> Banana Smoothie 3#
> Strawberry Smoothie 3#
> Mango Smoothie 3#


>Creamy Caramel 6/64 oz jugs
>Decadent White Chocolate 6/64 oz jugs
>Ground Sweet Chocolate 6/64 oz jugs

Award Winning Coffee Fest 05

>Cinnamon Bliss 6/64 oz jugs Sugar Free
(Made w/ Splenda)

POWDERS: 2 tbsp per 16 oz drink

Powders: White Chocolate

White Chocolate

(fine powder)

Finely powdered for easy dissolving , unsurpassed flavorful white chocolate with a smooth clean creamy mouth finish... So your premium coffee bean stands alone...
have your own unique flavor... >

Powders: Sweet Ground Chocolate

Sweet Ground Chocolate

Ground Sweet Chocolate & Cocoa Powder Using imported chocolate is the key to a premium mocha... We pride ourselves on that and would use nothing less...
2 tbsp per 16 oz drink... >

Powders: Sugar Free Splenda™ White Chocolate

Sugar Free Splenda™ White Chocolate

Yummy white chocolate flavor..... Cant tell it's sugar free

Powders: Sugar Free Splenda™ Sweet Ground Chocolate

No Sugar Added Splenda™ Sweet Ground Chocolate

For those chocolate lovers..sugar conscious, diabetics (Hot soluble only unless blended)... >

Frappe Mix: Vanilla Frappe Mix: Chocolate

Frappe Mixes

Directions for 20 oz: Fill cup with Ice, top with milk, dump in blender 1/3 cup frappe mix, 1 or 2 shots of espresso. Blend and go >

Banana Smoothie Mix

Banana Smoothie

"Banana gets an A" Powder Mix >

Strawberry Smoothie Mix

Strawberry Smoothie

"Strawberry, feel the shine" Powder Mix >

Mango Smoothie Mix

Mango Smoothie

"Mango Mambo let's get moving" Powder Mix >

SAUCES: 2 tbsp per 16 oz drink

Caramel Sauce

Creamy Caramel Sauce

Rich, buttery melt in your mouth caramel.. you’ll want to drink it straight ...

White Chocolate Sauce

White Decadence Chocolate Sauce

Unique flavor unlike other white sauces... Why? Super secret!

Chocolate Sauce

Sweet Ground Chocolate Sauce

Using imported chocolate sets Costellinis unsurpassed by none.. Silky and smooth...
Yes dissolves in cold milk as well as hot ...

Cinnamon Sauce

Sugar Free Splenda™ Cinnamon Bliss ...

Cinnamon & caramel (dulce de leche) mixed... Tastes like cinnamon rolls without the guilt.